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how to set automatic mixing on virtualdj 7

This is a lazy dj technique using virtual dj software, which is among the songs on deck a and b are automatically mix gently. or a term commonly called "automatic mixing. " Although the results are sometimes less good mixing in comparison to mix by hand, but the function "automatic mixing" in the VirtualDJ is quite helpful to us if we are tired or just want to just listen to the song. Because j all the songs that we put in a playlist be taken all.

Did you know how to set 'automatic mixing on VirtualDJ? here's how:

1. put all the songs you want to turn it to the location of the playlist. The amount is without limit.
2. click the green button (Enable / disable automatic mixing "in the upper left corner of the playlist. Next song will be automatically taken to the decks A / B. Usually on deck A. see picture:

set automatic mixing in virtualDJ software
automatic mixing

But wait before you activate the automatic mixing. Below the menu button there is an automatic mixing "play list management", What is its function?
Playlist management is used to set the type of mixing in the VirtualDJ software. Like:

- Smart: This function will equalize between the beat and tempo songs on the deck (cut 10 second ) . It will easier to make the mix tape
-  Fade: a. remove intro/ autro
b. Remove silence
c. Remove nothing
d. None: Back to back

That's  the ways to  makes automatic mixing in VirtualDJ, and for the process mixing sounded fine, I suggest you sort songs in a playlist based on BPM. As in the picture step 5 on easy way to make mixtape use VirtualDJ software. Oke friend i hope help you.

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