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dj software to remix song

Hey guys..After you become a dj and then what next do you want? I know the answer,  you'll want to mix songs from original songs to songs that match your wishes.  Or commonly called a re-mixer. Which you can fix / edit the song or mix. As has  been done by dj tiesto, Armin van Buuren, and other dj. Their fame in addition  to master the technique of mixing live also because they can make your own songs  or mixing the songs of others (re-mixer). Which of their songs in like a lot of people. You want to be like them?

In this blog I just share a bit about what software is used to mix the songs. or make a song that I wrote also in my other blogs. here.

Ok,, below which a lot of software in use the Re-mixer to make a song or  remix,  and I also use it.

dj software to Remix or make the song:

1. Fl studio (fruity loops)
2. Pro tool
3. Ableton
4. Acid pro
5. Reason
6. Kontakt
7. Nn-xt
8. Exs24
9. Halion
and others.

Of all the software above average more people use Fl studio, acid pro, and Reason.  In addition to easy in use, the refill is also available for loops, samples.  Please download some loop samples I have here+loop samples. Or you can find out more information about loops and samples in here. Because usually when you have installed software to create songs, samples and loops are still limited.So you have to add yourself to make songs easier. download fl studio.

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